Get Involved:  putting the "fun" in fundraising

Here are a few ideas to raise funds for The Neuropathy Association and your local support group.

Hold an Auction
Solicit donations of items from local businesses and individuals.  You can put together packages, such as a night at a hotel with theater tickets and dinner, or a weekend at someone’s vacation home together with activity-appropriate items such as new golf clubs or ski clothes.  Other popular auction items include artwork, crafts, services such as lawn mowing or snow shoveling and food.  A fresh pie each month for the next year would be a great gift!

Hire or recruit a professional auctioneer to make the evening lively, and you are sure to raise both money and awareness for neuropathy.

Organize a Book Sale
Get individuals from around your area to donate their old books.  Then hold a sale for an afternoon or a day.  Sell lemonade and homemade cakes, cookies, or popcorn while you are at it, to encourage people to browse for a while.  If it is well publicized, you will be surprised at how popular used books can be.

Create an Event
Recruit people to cook meals for small groups of people (or take the groups out to nice restaurants) you can have as many groups as you like.  Then have all of those groups who have eaten together meet at a central place for dessert and dancing.  This is a terrific way to have an event for a large number of people without all of the work involved in throwing a big dinner.  By selling tickets for the whole evening, your organization reaps the rewards of all of those donated dinners!

Recruit a Chef
Do you have a popular chef in your town? Recruit him or her to hold a cooking class to benefit The Neuropathy Association.  Or ask several chefs to host classes.  You might have to buy the food, but the price of the classes would definitely outweigh the cost.  And think of all the fun that you and your friends will have eating what you have just learned to make.

Have Fun with Local Amusements
Ask a local entertainment center a movie theater, bowling alley, miniature golf place to donate a portion of a specific day’s proceeds to benefit The Neuropathy Association.  You then publicize this special day, recruiting as many people as possible to make the day a roaring success for both you AND the local business.  You can add to the festivities with balloons in The Neuropathy Association’s gold and purple colors and by handing out brochures to let people know what neuropathy is and how they can join in our important effort!



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