SUPPORT GROUPS for peripheral neuropathy

Reasons to Join a Support Group

If your life has been changed by peripheral neuropathy, you are not alone!

We want people impacted by neuropathy to know that there are others sharing this challenge with them.  If you or someone you care about has neuropathy, support groups can be a key component of an overall treatment plan.  By bringing together members of the neuropathy community, these groups provide a critical resource for learning to live with neuropathy.  The healing power of support groups comes when participants share with one another their strengths, challenges, and experiences. 

Joining a support group has proven to be an effective and empowering coping strategy.  The Neuropathy Association has approximately 120 support groups across the U.S. and abroad that meet on an ongoing basis.  Support groups serve as a resource and an opportunity to raise awareness of neuropathy and the need for improved medical care and research.

To find a support group for peripheral neuropathy in your area, click here.

Consider Starting a Support Group!

If your community is currently without a neuropathy support group, we invite you to start one. This could be a life-changing opportunity to serve your community by bringing together people like you who have neuropathy, want to do something about it, and are eager to meet with other patients.  The Neuropathy Association welcomes your effort and encourages you to become part of our nationwide network of groups.  We will help you get started by providing you with materials, suggestions and guidelines that our existing groups have found useful in their own outreach efforts over the years.

We thank you for becoming a champion for this important community service!

To start a support group in your area, click here.

To learn more about Neuropathy Support Groups, please click any of the following:


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