10 Questions to Ask Your Neurologist!
- Irene Beer

Given neuropathy’s scope and its myriad of causes, each patient’s neuropathy experience is bound to be different; for many, just getting a diagnosis is a hurdle on its own. Here are some key questions to help you during your visit with your neurologist:

1. My worse problem is pain but nothing I take helps - what can I take for the pain?
2.  What are the side effects from taking the medications prescribed?
3. Besides prescription medicines, is there anything I can do to relieve the pain?
4.  What can I do to improve my balance? What are the other symptoms of neuropathy that I should know of?
5. Will I be able to continue driving a car and can I continue to work with my symptoms?
6. Are there any alterative medicines or treatments that can help my numbness and tingling feet?
7.  I would like to meet other people with neuropathy to see how they are handling and coping.
     Do you have any suggestions?
8. Will I continue to get worse and become wheelchair bound?
9. Is neuropathy hereditary? Will my children develop some form of neuropathy?
10.  How can I find out about clinical trials where new treatments might be available?

Always prepare for your visit with a neurologist by writing down your questions. Have a family member with you to take notes when you are discussing these questions during the visit; this will help you focus on the discussion and give you a chance to refer to the notes when you go home.

Remember, the key to a successful patient-doctor relationship is communication. These questions provide a few suggestions to trigger an on-going conversation with your neurologist. Remember that you, as a patient, need to be open about your illness, and realistic when setting treatment goals with your doctor. When in doubt, no matter how trivial you feel the question might be ask your neurologist!



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