“Talk Neuropathy” Campaign

What is “Talk Neuropathy?”

Talk Neuropathy

We have made significant inroads in raising the profile of neuropathy, but we all know that much more needs to be done to publicize neuropathy and raise the level of our national consciousness about this disease and its impact on our community and our health care system in general. “Talk Neuropathy” is an opportunity for people in the public eye to team up with The Neuropathy Association to take questions on peripheral neuropathy, discuss the range of issues impacting people living with chronic diseases and engage in a dialogue on the need for more advocacy highlighting patient issues.

Time and again we hear, “Why don’t we have more celebrities involved in our cause?” Actually, we do have quite a number of high profile individuals championing our community in different ways who want to interact with and hear from you.

The “Talk Neuropathy” campaign enables the Association to engage key people in our community who, by virtue of their careers, are in the public eye and are actively involved in the neuropathy community. And, it gives you a chance to get your family and friends….and everyone in your talk about neuropathy.

M. D. Hart   Sarah Manguso   Pia Lindstrom
Rev. Mother Dolores Hart
Association spokesperson
  Sarah Manguso
Acclaimed writer and
patient advocate
  Pia Lindström
winning journalist

Thank You for Submitting Your Questions
All through March, we have received many questions via Facebook and via email from our community for the“Talk Neuropathy” campaign featuring interviews with Mother Dolores Hart, Pia Lindström, and Sarah Manguso. “Talk Neuropathy” was launched in anticipation of National Neuropathy Week (May 16-20) to help you—and the millions like you in our community—help us raise the profile of neuropathy. From participating in interviews, to reading about how neuropathy impacts us and the health care system in general, to advocating for more attention to be paid for neuropathy, there are many ways in which you can get involved.

Coming Soon: "Talk Neuropathy" Interviews!
Stay tuned as we work behind the scenes to pick 10 questions for each interviewee and publish the Q&As…your question could be featured. You will find the interviews on our website (, and our communication channels in the weeks leading up to National Neuropathy Week.


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