Facebook Chats Offer Unique Opportunity to “Chat” With Health Care Experts and Peers!

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Launched in May 2012, The Neuropathy Association’s monthly Facebook Chat events bring health care experts and advocates in the community together virtually to discuss various aspects of living with a neuropathy diagnosis.

These monthly Chat events have been instrumental in leveraging our social media channels to exponentially step up the volume on the much-needed national dialogue on neuropathy as well as compliment our public awareness efforts.

Ranging from idiopathic neuropathy to neuropathic pain, and disability, these Chat events serve as an extended Q&A session, offering patients and caregivers a unique opportunity to ask questions and have a conversation with the hosts—the health care provider and The Neuropathy Association staff—and with each other.

Each Facebook chat also offers insight into the topics being discussed, while also touching on the challenges, resulting from diagnostic issues and treatment options, for both people living with neuropathy and the physicians trying to help them.

The Chats also stress that living well with neuropathy is possible with prompt and early diagnosis, symptom management, and regular follow-ups; but it requires active engagement by the patient in his/her own medical care along with the aid of an array of resources—limited as they are—that do currently exist.

For those in our community who do not use Facebook, as well as those who are not able to join the live Facebook Chat events, we publish a transcript—highlights of conversation threads from the Chat. Missed one (or more) of our Facebook Chats? Catch up here:



  • You can still access the chat by visiting The Neuropathy Association's Facebook page, but you will not be able to join the conversation by posting comments. View the Association's Facebook page!

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