the Neuropathy Association's fy2008 Annual Report 

Dear Members and Supporters,

I am pleased to provide a link to The Neuropathy Association’s FY2009 Annual Report brochure.  Given the challenging economic climate in 2009 and today, your contributions have been essential for continuing our core programs and developing new initiatives.

The Association continues to streamline and prioritize its programs in order to serve you even better.  We are pleased to have directed 78% of funds raised in 2009 towards patient programs and research (the national standard for charities is 65%).  And, our priority is to work even smarter and more efficiently in addressing the needs of the neuropathy community.

Plus, we have acted on the feedback from our national membership surveys-- in which you told us that you needed:

  • Resources and information on neuropathic pain management;
  • More information about, and support of, peripheral neuropathy research;
  • Additional ways to connect with and hear from others with peripheral neuropathy; and
  • A strong voice in Washington for the interests of peripheral neuropathy patients.

Two important areas worth highlighting are neuropathic pain management and advocating for access to care and therapies:  We have now created a neuropathic pain management medical advisory council comprised of nationally renowned physicians to develop programs and address treatment options to help neuropathy patients living with chronic pain. During the next several months, we will be telling you more about this essential initiative and its progress.

In these unsettled times of healthcare reform, it is essential that the toll neuropathy is taking on Americans’ health and quality of life be recognized, and  your Association is speaking out.  In 2009, we joined the American Academy of Neurology—and several patient advocacy organizations—in supporting amendments to the health care reform bill, requesting neurology be included in the primary care incentive Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. At the state level, we advocated for the protection of health insurance coverage by showing how insurance practices have negatively impacted our patient community’s access to therapies, health, and quality of life.

Your tax-deductible donations made possible all we did in 2009 for you--but there is much more to do. Today, your past and future contributions ensure we can maintain our momentum during these difficult economic times.

Wishing you good health,

Tina M. Tockarshewsky
President and CEO


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