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We're collaborating with ResearchMatch to bring together people who are trying to find neuropathy clinical research studies and researchers who are looking for people to participate in their studies. Why? To accelerate neuropathy research!

If you’ve ever been told “There is nothing that can be done … you just have to live with neuropathy or neuropathic pain."

If you’ve wondered, “How can I help someone I care for who is living with neuropathy?”

If you’ve asked, “How can I get more people involved in my clinical research study?”

And, if you want to help bring new treatments and cures more quickly to all of us living with neuropathy.

Join the Neuropathy Research Registry today by visiting, and make a difference — for you, your loved ones, and millions more living with neuropathy.

The Neuropathy Association is the leading national non-profit organization serving the peripheral neuropathy community. We provide support and education, advocate for patients’ interests, and promote research into the causes of and cures for neuropathy. Learn more about The Neuropathy Association…

Association News

  • SAVE THE DATE! November 12: "Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy" Facebook Chat
  • SAVE THE DATE! August 13: "Research = Hope! Hope For New Neuropathy Treatments and Cures!" Facebook Chat
  • SAVE THE DATE! July 16: "When Neuropathy and Fibromyalgia Overlap" Facebook Chat
  • June 18: "Breast Cancer Treatment and Neuropathy--A Cost of the Cure" Facebook Chat Draws Several Hundred Participants
  • June 14th Webinar on "What New Neuropathy Research Can We Be Hopeful About?" Offers Hope, Call-To-Action
  • May 24:"Aches and Gains" Radio Show Puts Spotlight on Nerve Regeneration Research
  • May 23-25: Neuropathy PSA Appears on 2014 Indy 500 Jumbo-trons, Promotes Early Diagnosis
  • May 21: "Your Chance to Drive Neuropathy Research" Webinar Provides Insight Into Groundbreaking Collaboration
  • May 20: Boston's Zakim Bridge Shines Purple and Gold for Millions Living with Neuropathy!
  • May 15-16: Tampa Landmark Puts the Spotlight on the Neuropathy Epidemic!
  • May 14: World-Famous Niagara Falls Lights Up Purple and Amber for Neuropathy Awareness
  • May 12: First-Ever National Neuropathy Patient Registry Launched to Accelerate Research for Epidemic Impacting Millions
  • May 11: PECO Crown Lights -- a Philadelphia Tradition -- Put The Spotlight on Neuropathy
  • Elected Public Officials Issue Neuropathy Awareness Week Proclamations
  • The Neuropathy Association Celebrates Another Social Media Milestone!
  • TAKE ACTION! Help Us Create Our 2014 Neuropathy Word Cloud
  • "How to Be Sick" Author Joined Us for a Facebook Chat on March 19th, Bringing Together Several Hundred Participants
  • Our "Staying Active with Neuropathy" Facebook Chat Draws Several Hundred Participants
  • Neuropathy Seminar in NYC's Times Square -- Feb. 12th
  • Our 2013 Milestones--YOU Make Them Possible!
  • Most Read Neuropathy Articles in 2013!
  • "Shingles Nerve Pain" Facebook Chat on Dec. 3rd Offers Resources, Help...
  • Peripheral Neuropathy is one of the most common chronic diseases in the U.S…over 20 million Americans have it. Peripheral neuropathy or “nerve damage” disrupts the body’s ability to communicate with its muscles, skin, joints, or internal organs.  Peripheral neuropathy can be compared to the body’s electrical wiring system breaking down, causing numbness, pain, weakness and poor coordination. Learn more about Peripheral Neuropathy...

    Did you know that "neuropathy" is frequently misspelled by people searching for information about causes, symptoms and pain treatment online?  It's true!  Some of the most common misspellings we frequently see are neuropothy, nueropothy, neurophy, neuopathy, nuropathy, neurapathy, neurothopy, nueropothy, nuropothy, neoropathy, and neuropathy.


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    We are pleased to share that Bravelets™ is committed to fighting neuropathy: $10 of every jewelry item purchased will be donated back to your #1 cause--BEAT NEUROPATHY!

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