“Understanding IVIG Treatments for Autoimmune Neuropathies" Facebook Chat on September 25th Offers Better Understanding, Resources...

September 27, 2013

Several hundred people joined The Neuropathy Association for an informative Facebook Chat on September 25th to discuss the use of IVIG treatments for autoimmune neuropathies as well as how these therapies are administered and made accessible to people who are prescribed IVIG as a neuropathy treatment option. In addition, upwards of 3,500 people read the conversation threads from the Chat and joined in the conversations over the days that followed, sharing their own experiences.

Our guest hosts -- Jennifer Arms, Vice President of Reimbursement (BioRx); Lisa M. Betts, Pharm.D., National Program Director of Immune Globulin (Walgreens Specialty Infusion Pharmacy);  Peg Gruenemeier, RN, CRNI, CHC, Director of Clinical Services (BioRx); Susan L. Kondik, RN, CRNI, Branch Quality Improvement Coordinator (Coram Specialty Infusion Services); and  John Louis, Director of Marketing and Channel Development (BioRx) -- fielded questions posed by the Chat participants on a wide range of topics, offering answers, insights, and resources.

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People with neuropathy are challenged not only with the pain they experience, but also with the lack of appropriate treatments for neuropathy’s many different variations. However, for one specific class of neuropathies—autoimmune neuropathies (where the immune system attacks the nerves to cause the associated neurological damage)—IVIG or intravenous immunoglobulin products have made a significant difference. 

IVIG is an effective treatment for autoimmune neuropathies, which include chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP), Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) and multi-focal motor neuropathy (MMN).  For some people with autoimmune neuropathies, IVIG is the only effective treatment.

IVIG is a plasma-derived infusion therapy used for multiple immune-related diseases and disorders.  There are several brands of IVIG, each with different formulations indicated by the FDA for different diseases and produced by different manufacturers.  IVIG is considered a “biologic” type of therapy (meaning it is derived from “living” biological material, i.e. blood plasma).  In recent years, Gamunex® received FDA indication for CIDP; last year, Gammagard Liquid® received FDA indication for MMN.  Understanding how these therapies work, how and where the therapy is delivered, and how to navigate insurance issues that may arise when receiving this therapy are the focus topics for this month’s Facebook chat.

On-going education, communication, and support are important tools to work with when neuropathy affects both you and your loved ones. Using these tools improves a family’s ability to work together to manage the day-to-day aspects of living with a chronic disease like neuropathy.

A special thanks to our guest hosts for giving their time and expertise to speak with our community!

P.S. If you do not use Facebook:

- You can read a transcript of the highlights from the Chat that will be published afterwards in the coming weeks. Sign up to receive your free copy of the transcript by email!


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