Neuropathy Association Celebrates Social Media Milestone!

July 18, 2013


Join the neuropathy conversation on Facebook!

Most people have no idea what it is like to have neuropathy or neuropathic pain -- nor do they understand. But it is important that we help family members and friends understand so we -- and millions others impacted -- can get the support, understanding, and care we need!

Wow, we did it!  Last night, together, we reached a new milestone: we've got “10,000 likes” on our Facebook page!

Just three years ago, we launched our Facebook page to expand the reach of our mission. Our social media efforts complimented our robust monthly publication Neuropathy E-News, e-mail alerts about new resources, advocacy issues, and upcoming events, in-person seminars, support group meetings, and webinar offerings. 

Our Facebook page connects with 10,040 (and counting!) people so they can hear from us and talk virtually with the entire community—every day and, often, several times a day—about breaking research, clinical trials, educational resources, advocacy issues The Neuropathy Association is are tackling…and much more! Facebook is changing how we raise neuropathy awareness—for the better!

If you—or a loved one—have neuropathy, you’ve probably felt the ‘relief’ when you bring up neuropathy in a conversation and the person you’re talking with has heard of it... or, better yet, understands what you are saying. More of you will probably confirm that this does not happen often...that we need more neuropathy awareness. It’s one of many reasons we encourage our community to join the neuropathy conversations on Facebook! Others include:

-  it is a social media platform comprising 1.11 billion (and growing) users nationally and globally;

-  it facilitates conversations and exchange of resources among peers (patients, caregivers, health care providers, and others);

-  it creates community and ensures no one ever feels “alone” when dealing with neuropathy ... just to list a few benefits!

We thank everyone who helped us achieve this social media milestone and for joining our efforts to increase the national conversation about neuropathy! We encourage everyone in our Facebook community to engage with our page actively and often: collectively, your personal networks have the power to reach MILLIONS of people across the U.S. and around the World … and that gives us all a great head start in bringing neuropathy help and awareness to those who need it.


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