MARK YOUR CALENDARS: Upcoming Neuropathy Events!

SunTrust Yellow  Photo credit: Bruce Clatterbuck

The SunTrust building in Tampa, FL lights up purple and gold to raise neuropathy awareness - May 5 - 6. 

Support Your #1 Cause: BEAT NEUROPATHY!

It’s going to be a busy Spring and Summer, with lots of neuropathy educational offerings coming up at the national and local levels!

We know that neuropathy is a 24/7/365 battle for many of you, as you deal with comprehending just how multi-faceted this chronic neurological disease is; getting to a diagnosis; finding treatments that work; seeking support from family, friends, and others with neuropathy; coping with the emotional, physical, and financial toll of this disease; and finding trusted resources.

Through all of this, your most powerful tool is educational resources you can depend on. That is why we have been working hard—with support from individuals like you—to develop credible, helpful, and easily accessible educational resources. Ranging from support group meetings to online educational webinars and Facebook Chats, the following calendar of events offer many opportunities to hear from—and interact with—health care experts and advocates in the neuropathy community. So, mark your calendars for:


  • Neuropathy Awareness Week
    May 13 - 17
    Stay tuned for more information about how we can collectively step up the volume during our most important national health observance!
  • Seminar: Discussing Neuropathic Pain with Dr. Corey Hunter
    (hosted by the Englewood, NJ Support Group)
    May 16th (7:30 - 9:00 pm ET)
    For more information, contact support group leader Mary Robertson (
  • Seminar: Managing Neuropathy With Complementary and Alternative Medicine
    (hosted by the Weston, MA Support Group)
    May 16th (1:00 - 3:00 pm ET)
    For more information, contact Massachusetts support group leader Leslie MacGregor Levine (


  • Facebook Chat: "Neuropathic Pain Is Different!"
    June 12th (7:00 - 8:30 pm ET)


  • Facebook Chat: "Hereditary Neuropathies"
    (date to be confirmed)

Stay tuned for more information about these and other educational programs we are working on. 


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