Tampa Landmark Puts The Spotlight On The Neuropathy Epidemic!

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Photo credit: Bruce Clatterbuck

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May 7 2013

The SunTrust Financial Centre Tower, located in the heart of Tampa's downtown business district--lights up the city every night, giving its residents and visitors a chance to marvel at the pyramid-shaped light display at the top of this 36-story building and to ask, “I wonder what the lights stand for today.”

On May 5 - 6--at the urging of Mary Busch, a neuropathy patient and a member of our Tampa-based support group--the SunTrust Financial Center Tower lit up purple and gold. This special lighting put the spotlight on the neuropathy epidemic as the community prepares for Neuropathy Awareness Week—May 13-17—an annual health observance spearheaded by The Neuropathy Association. It also serves as a beacon of hope for over 20,000,000--or 1 in 15--Americans impacted by a neuropathy diagnosis. 

Mary shares, "As a Tampa resident, I often look up to the Suntrust building and find myself wondering what the lights represent. I caught it lit up pink last October for Breast Cancer Awareness, red in February for the Go Red campaign, and more recently blue for Autism Speaks... On May 5 - 6, this skyscraper, with its ziggurat dome, lit up PURPLE and GOLD for my #1 cause—BEAT NEUROPATHY!"

As the leading national non-profit organization representing peripheral neuropathy patients and those caring for them, The Neuropathy Association’s mission is to increase public awareness of neuropathy and the need for early intervention and more research. Every year—in anticipation of Neuropathy Awareness Week—the Association urges supporters across the country to step up the volume on awareness-building efforts.  The SunTrust Financial Center Tower lighting is part of the neuropathy community’s week of activities to exponentially increase neuropathy awareness. Mary adds, “This is one small way we can spread the word about neuropathy in our community, and hopefully, around the world.”

A special thanks to the Tampa, FL support group and to SunTrust for this awareness-building opportunity!


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