VA Proposes Amendment to Expand Agent Orange Consideration: Public Comments Accepted Through October 9th
Sept. 27, 2012 

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The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is proposing to amend its adjudication regulation concerning presumptive service connection for acute and sub-acute peripheral neuropathy associated with exposure to certain herbicide agents.

This proposed amendment is necessary to implement a decision by the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to clarify and expand the terminology regarding presumption of service connection for peripheral neuropathy associated with exposure to certain herbicide agents.

Currently, VA presumes Veterans' acute and sub-acute peripheral neuropathy is related to herbicide exposure during service when:

It appears within one year of exposure to Agent Orange to a degree of at least 10 percent disabling by VA’s rating regulations, and

It is temporary and resolves within two years.

VA proposed on Aug. 10, 2012, to replace "acute and subacute" with "early-onset" and eliminate the requirement that symptoms resolve within two years. The recent announcement follows an IOM report “Veterans and Agent Orange:  Update 2010” that found evidence that symptoms can persist longer than two years. The condition must still be 10 percent disabling within one year of exposure for VA to presume an association.

If this important change impacts you or someone you care for, the VA needs hear from you.  This is a unique opportunity to tell the VA and government officials about neuropathy.  Public comments are accepted through Oct. 9, 2012 and can be easily submitted online. Learn more and submit your comments:


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