Drew Yeannakis Hosts “Understanding Social Security Disability” Facebook Chat
September 27, 2012 

On September 26th, Drew Yeannakis hosted a "chat" event on The Neuropathy Association's Facebook page focusing on "navigating social security disability."

Missed the "Uderstanding
Social Security Disability"
Facebook Chat on Sept. 26th? 
Read the transcript here...

Drew Yeannakis is a disability non-attorney representative with fourteen years of experience. He works with Disability Claims Representatives, a Virginia-based organization providing assistance with Social Security Disability and all community, local, state, and federal financial benefit programs. 

For many patients in the neuropathy community, neuropathy and neuropathic pain can be disabling, impacting quality of life and productivity. Depending on the severity of disability, Social Security Disability Income provides cash benefits to replace some of the income that a person living with neuropathy might no longer earn due to disability. 

This Facebook chat event offered insights into the process of applying for social security disability income, the Social Security Administration’s role in determining if you are disabled, tips for navigating the system…and much more!

Missed the "Understanding Social Security Disability" Facebook chat on September 26th? Read the transcript here...

A special thanks to Mr. Yeannakis for giving his time and expertise to speak with our neuropathy community!


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