Dr. Shanna Patterson Hosts "Idiopathic Neuropathy" Facebook Chat 
July 24, 2012

        Shanna Patterson, MD

Missed the "Idiopathic
Neuropathy" Facebook
chat? Read the
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On July 18, 2012, Dr. Shanna K. Patterson hosted a “chat” event on The Neuropathy Association’s Facebook page to increase the public profile of—and the much-needed conversation about—idiopathic neuropathy.

Shanna K. Patterson, M.D. is assistant director of Electromyography and a board-certified attending neurologist at St. Luke’s – Roosevelt Hospital Center. Dr. Patterson also holds an appointment at Columbia University as assistant clinical professor of Neurology. She completed her residency training in Neurology and a fellowship in Clinical Neurophysiology, with an emphasis on EMG and neuromuscular disorders, at Columbia University.

Many patients in the neuropathy community have been given a diagnosis of “idiopathic neuropathy” or neuropathy from an unknown cause. Some may have treatable causes identified when seen by a physician who specializes in evaluating patients with neuropathy. However, even after thorough evaluation, approximately 20% of people with neuropathy and 50% of people with small fiber neuropathy have no identified underlying cause.

This Facebook chat offered insights into the neuropathy epidemic and the uphill battle for both patients and the physicians trying to help them. It also stresses that living well with idiopathic neuropathy is possible with early diagnosis and symptom management and regular follow-ups; but it requires active engagement by the patient in his/her own medical care along with the aid of an array of resources—limited as they are—that do currently exist.

Missed the "Idiopathic Neuropathy" Facebook Chat on July 18th? Read the transcript here...

A special thanks to Dr. Shanna Patterson for giving her time and expertise to speak with our community and raise awareness for neuropathy.


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