Dr. Corey Hunter Hosts Facebook Chat on “What You Need to Know to Beat Neuropathic Pain”
July 12, 2012

On June 27th, Dr. Corey Hunter—a member of The Neuropathy Association’s Neuropathic Pain Management Medical Advisory Council—hosted a “chat” event on The Neuropathy Association’s Facebook page to increase the public profile of—and the much-needed conversation about—neuropathic pain. 

Corey Hunter
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The Facebook chat offered insights into the neuropathic pain epidemic and the uphill battle for both patients and the physicians trying to help them. It also stressed that living well with neuropathy and neuropathic pain is possible, but it requires active engagement by the patient in his/her own medical care along with the aid of an array of resources—limited as they are—that do currently exist. 

From debunking myths about neuropathic pain to discussing various treatment options, and sharing of strategies for pain relief by patients, the Facebook chat touched on the many aspects of living with chronic neuropathic pain. Read the transcript here...

A special thanks to Dr. Corey Hunter for giving his time and expertise to speak with our community and raise awareness of neuropathy. 


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