Getting My Pain Under Control

My neuropathy started months ago. I originally started getting sharp pains which only lasted a second or two, then it progressed to sharp and dull pains which would flow across my instep up my arch and across my foot. The pain was mainly in my right foot very little in the left one.

It just kept getting worse, involving my toes and not just when standing or walking but when sitting or lying down too. The pain would wake me up at night sometimes, then I started having burning sensations that made me just want to scream. Walking became a nightmare, as if I was walking on sharp rocks or broken glass.

My primary caregiver sent me to a foot specialist who said that it was not my feet themselves, but nerves which he thought may be originating in my back. My own doctor then sent me to a neurologist who listened carefully, asked many questions, sent me for blood tests, an MRI scan, and other tests.

That is when she told me I had neuropathy which usually is caused by diabetes, but I am not diabetic; so it turned out that mine is vascular. She put me on pregabalin at night, then increased the dose after a week. Then she had me take it both in the morning and at night.

I have also, since, had two stents put in as I had 80% blockage in a main artery and 50-60% in two others. Not only can I breathe again and I have more energy, but the pregabalin helped so much that I can walk quite a bit without my feet hurting like they did.

Of course, if I overdo it, the pain starts up again. I still have the occasional gripping pains and burning sensations in my feet, but nothing like they were. I thank my neurologist and pregabalin and hope that my pain will continue to stay under control.

Phyllis D., OK


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